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About Wispa

Having trouble keeping your workplace on the same page efficiently? Wispa is a place where you and your team can effortlessly coordinate, operate and communicate? This can be a difficult task. Usually requiring countless apps, software, and dollars – creating a chaotic and distracting working experience. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Wispa is here to place your business on the fast track to success when it comes to virtual work. Wispa is a complete remote working platform that empowers businesses and employees. Your business needs the ability to operate virtually now more than ever. Wispa provides this with easy management and integration and eliminates the need for countless apps, hassle or confusion. The future is rapidly changing, and it is vital for your business to keep up with the times. Join the future – join Wispa!
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Inside Wispa, you can access tools for:

  • Listening to the workforce’s feedback both anonymously or named.
  • Manage digital employee records and activities in one place!
  • Tracking remote employee performance, accidents, and incidents
  • Keeping track of time-off requests
  • Workforce capacity planning
  • Project and job management
  • Document Center creation and control
  • Tasks and checklists
  • Conducting online meetings and automatically generating meeting minutes
  • In-app audio and video calling

What Can You Do with Wispa?

  • Keeping your team informed and on the same page in real-time
  • Never drop the ball by using all in one daily to-do's and checklist
  • Lost that important document?- Not with Wispa- One Document centre- One touch in real time!
  • Authorize time off with intelligent planners never be left in the cold!
  • Project management from project planning to project completion
  • Task assignment and progress monitoring
  • Create, assign and manage weekly and daily to-do’s
  • Internal and public meetings with white paper notes
  • Save Money on telephone charges- One Click and you speaking!
  • Do you want to know what's really going on in your business? Let your team Wispa to you anonymously
  • Integration with Outlook, Apple, and Google calendars.
  • Integrate with Office 365, Word Excel and Outlook
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How Wispa can improve your business?


Eliminate Remote Work Distractions

Countless distractions arise when communicating from multiple platforms or operating on several different softwares. Wispa removes these distractions by providing an all-in-one platform with easy communication. From announcements to group messaging, and even meetings. Help your workforce stay focused with Wispa!

Provide Purpose And Focus

Help your employees know what to do and when to do it. Outline tasks, objectives, and goals on Wispa to keep your team focused on the job at hand. Easily pass tasks from team to team and manage the project effortlessly from afar.

Save Monthly On Rent With Virtual Operations

By operating remotely, your business can start saving thousands of dollars every month on rent and other expenses. Lowering your overhead provides countless opportunities for growth and can also save you during difficult times like COVID-19. If all else, it never hurts to have a solid plan to work remotely if the times require it.

Work From Where You Want

No more traffic filled drives, delays, or hours of life wasted on commuting. Working remotely empowers you and your team to live and work where they want. This has now become vital with recent events of COVID-19 and the rapidly changing modern world.

Hire The Best Workforce

By operating remotely your talent pool increases dramatically. You now have a larger and more talented workforce to hire from – allowing you to hire the best in the business. A better workforce means better business!

Meet With Your Team From Anywhere

Enjoy effective team communication with on platform video and audio meetings. Communicate with your team live to keep everyone informed, on the same page and to build team unity. This means no more struggling to meet across platforms – use Wispa instead!

Incident Management And Protection

Wispa allows you to carefully keep track of accidents, mishaps and various incidents. Keeping all your documents and reports in one place provides more protection and security for your company. Minimize litigation and stay up to date to date on company procedures and reporting.

Convenient And Fully Functional Communication

Send video, audio, and text directly through Wispa to allow for fast and instant communication. Upload, share and receive documents, audio, and more to effortlessly work together as a team. This means no more back and fourth between email, text, the cloud, and more.
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Improve Your Business With Honest Feedback
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Improve Your Business With Honest Feedback

Wispa allows for anonymous or named feedback and suggestions. This allows you to get an indepth view of how your employees are feeling and ways your business can improve. The anonymous feature is fully private and empowers employees to provide their real thoughts.
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Join The Future Today

Enjoy the massive benefits of Wispa today. Watch your business productivity instantly skyrocket whether you already operate remotely or are transitioning to remote work soon.